QT Mutual Bank and RACQ is honoured to support Queensland teachers and we couldn’t be prouder to run Staffroom for Improvement again in 2017 for the seventh time. This is our way of showing our appreciation for the teaching community and for all they do for our school communities.


What’s Staffroom for Improvement all about?

The Staffroom for Improvement competition is all about allowing students, mums and dads, family members and the broader school community to show our Queensland teachers just how much we value and appreciate them.

This year, we show our appreciation for our teachers by giving daily tokens of appreciation. Each token given will be added to the schools total. The school with the most tokens will win a $20,000 staffroom makeover. Of course terms and conditions do apply and you will find those here.

The competition will run for 9 days from 9am Thursday 24 August 2017 to 12noon, Friday 1 September 2017. Tokens can be given each day of the competition with extra tokens given when participates complete quests and share the competition with a friend.

It’s fair for schools of all sizes

We work behind the scenes to ensure the competition is fair for schools of all sizes. As you can see below, previous winners have differed in size and we’re been proud to support these five Queensland schools.

Prizes on offer

This year, there are great prizes on offer. These include:

  • 1x $20,000 staffroom makeover
  • 3x $1,000 runners-up prizes
  • Additional prizes throughout the competition on Facebook

Keep an eye on our QT Mutual Bank Facebook page for prize draws and competitions throughout the 11 days of competition.


Information for Parents

Hello mums and dads (and aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, carers, friends and neighbours)! If you’re not sure what Staffroom for Improvement is all about, a minute or two reading here will make everything clear for you.

There’s no question, we all value the work teachers do. It’s a unique opportunity we have to thank them for it in a way that is 100% focused on them and it’s for this reason QT Mutual Bank and RACQ is running this competition for the seventh year. Yes, there is a staffroom makeover on offer, but we’ve seen firsthand the real benefit of the Staffroom for Improvement, how powerfully it works to bring teachers, school staff, students, parents and the broader school community together. Spend a few minutes watching the story of Windsor State School (2014 winners) or seeing the difference the makeover made to 2016 winners Goombungee State School here and you’ll see what we mean!

Keeping your information and children safe is of the utmost importance to us and we have a strict privacy policy which you will find here. If a participant is identified during the sign up process as being under 18, they can opt-in to receiving information relating to the competition via email. Whilst we will contact them during the competition, we won’t contact them regarding products or services.

As a member-owned mutual bank and Queensland’s largest club, transparency is just part of the way we do things. So yes, if you are an adult, we would like to send you some information from time to time about things like our very competitive home and car loans, or the benefits of becoming a member of a club that genuinely cares about the community. We promise not to be too annoying, and if you'd like to stop receiving such materials, it only takes a moment to click the ‘opt out’ button.

Finally, to find out more about the game and how to play, see our short video here.

Daily updates

Drumroll please! The winner of Staffroom for Improvement in 2017 is Park Ridge State School! Congratulations, very well deserved winners! We couldn’t forget our runners-up… congratulations to the following schools who have each won a $1,000 gift voucher for their school: 1. Kilkivan State School 2. Brisbane Independent School 3. St Marys of the Cross #SRFI2017

QT Mutual Bank
1 week 6 days ago.

Wow, what a blast! Staffroom for Improvement has now closed for 2017! QT Pie has handed us the keys to the token vault and has gone back to the nest for a well deserved rest. We’re going to tally up the final tokens now… can’t wait to announce the winners next week! #SRFI2017

QT Mutual Bank
2 weeks 4 days ago.

Are you sitting down? Tonight’s happy hour is going to bowl you over! Between 6pm – 8pm, you’ll give an incredible 50 bonus tokens to your school. It’s probably the most tokens we’re ever offered in one go! Simply visit, click on the happy hour banner and 50 tokens will be given to your school! With the competition closing tomorrow, this 50 token bonus is sure to make a massive difference to your school’s total – so don’t miss out! #SRFI2017

QT Mutual Bank
2 weeks 5 days ago.

A bird will take care of their eggs for about two weeks before the baby can hatch. For bonus tokens today, tell us about a time when a family member or teacher has shown the same sort of care for you. Comment on the post below between 6pm and 8pm tonight and our two favourite stories will receive 20 bonus tokens and a $60 eftpos card. #SRFI2017 Winner will be announced at 11.30am on Thursday 31 August. For terms and conditions click here:

QT Mutual Bank
2 weeks 6 days ago.

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