Staffroom for Improvement 2014 - Coming Soon!

Staffroom for Improvement 2014

QT Mutual Bank is giving you the opportunity to help your favourite Queensland school win a $20,000 staffroom makeover. Schools simply encourage as many people to vote from them as possible and the school with the most votes (or apples as we like to call them) wins! And don’t worry, votes are weighted against the size of your school so no matter how big or small, each school has an equal chance to win! What’s more, this year we are also awarding a $10,000 staffroom makeover as part of the People’s Choice award.

How do I get involved?

Voting on the site will commence Monday 18 August 2014, but for now the best thing to do is register your details below and we'll send you a reminder before the competition starts. Once voting starts simply visit the site every day to vote to ensure you collect as many apples as possible. Remember, all Queensland schools are automatically registered, you simply need to select the school you want to vote for on the day the competition starts.


Promote your school

The more 'apples' your school can earn the better your chances are at taking out the top prize. So it makes sense to spread the word amongst teachers, staff, parents, friends and the local community to garner as many votes as possible. To make things a little easier we have put together a bunch of promotional materials including web banners, newsletter adverts and articles to help get you started. Simply click here to download the materials you want to use.

Game changes

For the seasoned 'apple' givers out there, this year you’ll notice a few small changes to the way the game is played. For starters, unlimited voting is back and so is the golden apple. We’ve also introduced the chance to win daily prizes for voting for your ultimate staffroom accessory. Plus we’ve also introduced a $10,000 People’s Choice award.

Best of luck!